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My dear friend Jasta who lives in Ankaran gave me a great tour of Slovenia‘s coastal gems when I was there.


Piran was especially charming with its huge central plaza, narrow streets and ocean promenade!


935514_10201031028716069_209383128_n          945190_10201031036156255_1392877400_n

Also stopped to take photos of the beautiful roses that grew profusely around the city!



Comments on: "sLOVEenia!" (3)

  1. I’m so glad I found this blog! Seeing these pictures makes me just want to up and move to Slovenia! It sure looks like paradise… A bike tour of Europe is in my future – I can feel it.

    I had no idea that there was so much ecological diversity in this “small” European country. Would you direct me to some of your other posts/countries where I might be similarly surprised?


    • lotusnme said:

      One country I did not mention because it is all by itself is Iceland. I absolutely love it! I have more pics apart from my 2 posts that I have not posted but now that we are friends on Facebook you can access all my photo albums as well. Croatia is also very ecologically diverse. The national parks I visited were all so different from each other.

      • I finally made the time to look through the Iceland pics on your facebook page! Awesome, stunning, and (like everywhere else) I want to go there now. 🙂

        What’s the best time of year to explore the various landscapes of Iceland. I assume their summer is pretty short and also packed with tourists…

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