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Did a road trip with my pal Michelle to Haines, Alaska to catch the Southeast Alaska State Fair. Haines is surrounded by incredible beauty and is also the adventure capital of Alaska.  It sits on the shores of the northern Lynn Canal, the deepest, longest fjord in North America.


Many Yukoners come here to fish especially for salmon with a favored fishing spot being along the Chilkoot River. I was thrilled on this trip to see my first grizzly actually catching a salmon!


The Chilkoot Lake State Recreation Site is also popular with both campers and boaters and is a great place for wildlife viewing as well!


We stayed 2 nights at the Bear Lodge B&B which overlooks the north end of the Inside Passage and is close to the Haines ferry terminal. The house itself is beautifully decorated but because it sits high above the road level, it has stunning views that is hard to match!


1148777_10201508691817348_1333680437_n          1095049_10201508692937376_392947224_n


The State Fair was really fun with lots of entertainment and vendors. Got several good buys including a lovely scarf and hood combo that I am modelling in the pic!

1150879_10201508664896675_49047547_n           1098046_10201508665296685_335744939_n


We ended the day with dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant which has lovely views of the Harbor as well as a pretty mean steak!




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