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Glass gazing!


Spent an interesting and educational evening at the Second Saturday “mARTi gras” ArtWalk at the Warehouse Arts District in St. Petersburg. Our first stop was the Duncan McClellan Gallery. We were treated to an amazing glass blowing demonstration by artist Marc Petrovic who specializes in avians.

IMG_3881         IMG_3910

There were many other amazing glass artists on display at the studio. The body of work represented was truly varied and colorful!


IMG_3882         IMG_3883

IMG_3895         IMG_3898

IMG_3899         IMG_3903

IMG_3860       IMG_3885

The facade of the building and external courtyards were also tastefully decorated and delightfully lighted up.



Even the wall adjacent to the carpark had amazing murals. We were so enamored with the gallery that we had time to only visit one other of the 22 warehouses, galleries and studios that were part of the Art Walk! I am definitely coming back to explore the others!




Comments on: "Glass gazing!" (3)

  1. How did you get introduced to the Art Walk? I myself enjoy participating in the “Art Shanties” and various “Art Crawls” we have here in Minneapolis throughout the year.

    Art Shanties: http://artshanties.com/
    Art Crawl: http://www.stpaulartcrawl.org/

    There is some amazing glass work here. One of my best friends has an uncle who is a very talented glass blower/organic farmer out of Bellingham, WA. These pieces are of a much higher caliber, but have a bit less “soul” to them (in my opinion). That said, I REALLY like the Fly and the Murals! 😉

    Every time I see a mural in Minneapolis I tend to have to stop my bike and take a picture! Glad you stopped to take these.

    • lotusnme said:

      I have always been interested in Art Walks and Festivals. There are several close by but this particular studio has some of the highest quality work I’ve seen and the prices reflect it! But I certainly understand what you mean by soul! There was one particular piece especially for me that exuded so much energy when you stood close to it.

      I could not edit the St. Paddy’s Day link and I could not reblog it so here is the correct link http://margber.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/1779/

      Had a great time yesterday swimming with the manatees at Crystal River, Florida and am hoping to put that up in a blog soon.

      • Wow – that’s excellent to hear about the energetic glass piece. I was watching an Anthony Bourdain tv show the last time I was visiting home. They featured this chocolatier: http://www.gastronomista.com/2011/01/enric-roviras-incredible-edible-eggs.html#.Uz95Pa1dVh5

        When I was watching the show I had the feeling that the intention with which he made these edible creations would create that “soul” that certain artists can express so well.

        Thanks for the updated link to the St. Paddy’s day – all I ended up doing to celebrate was wear a green shirt to work (mainly to avoid being pinched by my co-worker Patrick). I liked the corned beef and cabbage warning from the post.

        Woah!!! Manatees. So cool. Excited for the post!

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